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The proper way, in my opinion, to start a blog about holiday kitchen adventures, is with the contents of a good, sturdy recipe box. I'm an old-fashioned, paper-and-pen person, so I like to have actual brick-and-mortar type things. Or, in this case, wood. Pretty wood. Like this:

This is a vintage box, made by my grandfather for either my grandmother or my great-grandmother, I'm not sure which. Over the years, I've stored recipes that I've gotten from various sources, including mystery sources. Like the source of the recipe for "Chicken Jump In Your Mouth." Seriously! With a name like that, I will be trying it out and reporting it in a later blog entry, with photos. We'll find out for sure whether we want that chicken jumping into our mouths.

This is me, my brother and my mom with my great-grandmother Montie, who had a patch over her missing eye, making her supremely cool in my four-year-old view. Maybe the box was for her...

...or maybe for my grandmother. Here she is with my grandfather, standing in front of their brand-new 1962 Chevy Nova.

By the way, you're looking at my first car, back when it was brand spanking new and I was waaay too short to drive it! Those were adventures, too, but not kitchen adventures!

Anyway, welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy sharing my holiday kitchen adventures, and the recipes, too.



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